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Trio Siltac is a soft silicone ostomy seal that works completely differently. It does not absorb moisture or body waste; for the first time you can have a clean and hygienic seal. Trio Siltac seals have a natural tendency to return to their original shape when stretched. This means you simply stretch a Trio Siltac seal around your stoma, and shape to form a perfect custom fit. Trio Siltac removes in one piece leaving no residue - your pouch change regime can now be quicker, easier and cleaner.
  • Maintains integrity and shape to provide a longer-lasting seal
  • More hygienic than traditional hydrocolloid products - does not absorb faeces or urine
  • Allows the skin to breathe
  • Reduced risk of leakage - extends wear time of your ostomy appliance
  • Stretch around your stoma and shape to create a perfect custom fit
  • Trio Siltac conforms to the shape of your stoma
  • Promotes comfort due to high level of flexibility
  • Instant adhesion - better seal formed
  • One piece removal - leaves no residue
  • Atraumatic removal - less skin irritation