Coloplast 11315 SenSura 2 pc. Flex Skin Barrier w/ Flange Cut-to-Fit Standard Wear Convex Light Red 31mm Box/5

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SenSura Flex baseplate
Rely on the safety of the two layers

SenSura Flex, a two-part adhesive coupling system for ostomy care, combines the unique SenSura two-layer skin protection with a secure and flexible adhesive bond.

SenSura Flex is a two-part supply with an adhesive coupling system that provides the advantages of a one-piece system, which combines security and flexibility.
The ostomy bag is fixed with a strong adhesive bond securely to the SenSura two-layer skin protection base plate.
The flexible adhesive bond is freedom of movement and makes SenSura Flex into a comfortable, inconspicuous carrying system.
The ostomy bag can be removed from the double-layered base plate. This allows the bag frequently change as adhering to the skin base plate.

SenSura two-layer skin protection for safety and skin care

The unique SenSura Skin protection consists of two layers, designed to provide you with the security you need for your daily life:
Protective layer - protects the skin from secretions from the ostomy
Skincare layer - maintains the health of the skin and absorbs liquid emerging
The SenSura Xpro skin protection provides additional protection against aggressive exudates. This supply is suitable for people with a urostomy or ileo. Prevents particularly erosion-resistant base plate that the aggressive and body fluids dissolve the base plate and come into contact with the skin.