Coloplast 11515 SenSura Flex 2 pc Maxi 30 cm 12" Opaque 50mm 2" Red with Filter Box/20

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SenSura Flex 2-piece appliances combines the unique double-layer adhesive with a removable pouch. The pouch is connected to the base plate by an adhesive coupling. The coupling is soft and flexible, which gives you greater freedom of movement. SenSura Flex 2-piece open pouchs are primarily for people with an ileostomy.

Double-layer adhesive
The double-layer adhesive is skin friendly and resistant to erosion from stoma output and body fluids. With SenSura Flex 2-piece appliance, you have a choice of adhesives: SenSura or SenSura Xpro. Giving you the freedom to choose the most appropriate adhesive to meet your needs.

Floating flange
The coupling plate has a clear blue line for easy alignment of the pouch and base plate. The floating flange allows easy application of the pouch to the base plate with little pressure on the abdomen.

Visible cutting guide
The cutting guide has clear blue cutting guides in relevant sizes. Making it easier for you to cut the adhesive accurately to ensure a safe seal around your stoma.

Removal ear
The removal ear makes it easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residues on the skin.

Adhesive coupling
The coupling is made of a soft and flexible adhesive which improves wearing comfort and gives you greater freedom of movement.

Security channels
The integrated security channels gives extra security against leakage.

Wave filter
The pouch has an integrated wave filter which allows the air to flow to help keep your pouch discreet. The wave filter reduces the risk of the pouch ballooning up and causing unnecessary bulges. The carbon filter within the wave filter helps to reduce smells.

The soft non-woven fabric is strong and water repellent. Making it easier for you to dry the pouch after a wash or swim.

The outlet is easy to empty and clean. Making it a more hygienic solution for you and removes the need to carry extra cleaning accessories around with you.

Hide-away outlet
The outlet can be folded up and hidden away without the need for bulky clips. Offering you a comfortable, secure and easy to use solution.

The SenSura Flex 2-piece open pouchs are available with either SenSura or SenSura Xpro adhesive which is available in a flat or Convex Light version.