Salts SMSL SecuPlast Mouldable Seals Large 100mm Box/10

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SecuPlast Mouldable Seals help prevent sore skin by aiming to prevent the leaks that are the main cause of it. Simply mould SecuPlast Mouldable Seals to the exact size and shape of your stoma and the exact contours of your abdomen to help create a customised, comfortable and leak proof seal.

Suitable For All Stoma Types - And for any make or style of pouch.
Skin Friendly - With no sting, even on sore skin.
Easy To Mould and shape to fit; then place in position.
Easy To Break Into Smaller Pieces if required.
Very Easy To Rejoin If It Breaks
Customized Comfort - SecuPlast Mouldable Seals keep the shape you create for secure and lasting protection from leaks.